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LicoRich Patent

A unique dietary supplement

The ONLY one that undergone clinical research

and registered as a patent

Are these symptoms

Familiar to you?


Diabetic foot

Poor blood flow


Diabetes and high sugar

Non healing sores

Vision Damage




12 Health problems LicoRich Patent is protecting against:

Beware of imitations

100% warranty

87% treatment success

100% natural

Free personal support

Has undergone clinical studies

Introducing LicoRich Patent

The ultimate solution for you.

There is only one temple in the world and it is the human body.


- Noviales

Diseases develop in our body without our feeling

The truth is that arteries are not blocked by excess cholesterol.
They are blocked by the oxidation of cholesterol in the body by free radicals.
To eliminate the radicals we use antioxidants of the Licorice root.

When cholesterol is exposed in the bloodstream to radicals, it oxidizes and crystallizes.
Very similar to the oxidation of food scraps on the plate - they are mine and need rubbing - that's more or less what happens to you inside the arteries.

When cholesterol is oxidized it simply "sticks" to the walls of the arteries and thus creates blockage.
All that antioxidants do is neutralize the radicals so that there is no oxidation of cholesterol and as time passes the body turns the oxidized cholesterol,
And the clogged arteries open!

That's the simple explanation my doctor did not tell me, instead he prescribed me to take statins to lower cholesterol - even though it's not the problem at all.
And the many side effects of statins caused terrible pain all over my body, fatigue, leg pain and more.

What is LicoRich Patent?

The patented LicoRich capsules contain a powerful antioxidant, unique in the world, that clears the body's radicals and prevents the oxidation of cholesterol.

Our product is the only one in the world that creates arterial cleansing.


There is no product like this in the picture all over the world!

In recent years, the popularity of LicoRich has increased in Israel following the research carried out at Rambam Hospital in Haifa and the Technion.

How does LicoRich Patent work?

The LicoRich is patented for the unique process of alcohol extraction
Thus preserving the "antioxidants" and the amount of "glabredine" Highest!

The LicoRich enters the bloodstream and causes normal blood flow throughout the body.

The LicoRich cleans the arteries from "dirt" caused as a result
From the air we breathe, blood clots, arteriosclerosis, and just the simple life expectancy that also brings a lot of health problems as a result of stress!

LicoRich patent gives a lot of energy as a result of the standard blood flow it causes.

LicoRich patent gives you peace of mind!

Doctor Jacob Fogelman

Licorice patent researchers

Hosted by Prof. Carasso

Professor Michael Aviram

Licorice root researchers

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