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Posted by Llan McNinn The Daily Mirror from 19.10.2011


By: LicoRich


NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - LicoRich capsules can reduce the heat waves of menopausal women by 80 percent, according to a new study. In addition, the substance called LicoRich (extract from Licorice) has shown in the study that it can also slow the rate of osteoporosis and thus reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


The standard treatment for reducing hot flashes of menopausal women is with hormone replacement therapy. This treatment has been effective in reducing hot flashes but is often accompanied by high heart palpitations.

There have also been studies showing an increased risk of cancer and stroke in some women following hormone intake.


The new study was conducted by Dr. Marsha Baker at the University of Southern California. The researchers gave the women 50 milligrams of LicoRich tablets for a year and compared them with another placebo group. With one-third of the group receiving 100 milligrams of LicoRich pills.


For women in the 50 milligram group, hot flashes decreased by 80%. There was no further benefit in taking 100 milligrams, although a small number of women in the placebo group also reported fewer hot flashes due to the placebo effect.


The study was conducted independently by the study group. The research was funded by F & C LicoRich Ltd company, an Israeli company producing the LicoRich.


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