What are the damages (complications) diabetes?

It is important to understand that diabetes damage is due to
Blood oxidation leading to artery blockage.
Example of damage: pain, circumcision, impaired vision,
Impotence, dizziness, dry mouth, neuropathy and more ...

What LicoRich patent does actually?

LicoRich patent contains the active ingredient 'Antioxidant'
Enters the blood system, clears the arteries,
Prevents oxidation of blood, causes normal and balanced blood flow.
Protects the internal organs from irreversible damage
Diabetes and atherosclerosis.
*** Highly recommended for prevention against diseases for any adult person ***

Is it really completely natural?

Yes! 100% natural. No side effects.

I've heard that LicoRich raises blood pressure ... is that true?

Licorice itself as a plant, raises blood pressure.
But in LicoRich patent the steroid that raises the blood pressure has been removed
In a unique process called alcohol extraction in a patented process (:

Is this right for me?

If you have pre-diabetes, type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes,
If you are an athlete, over the age of 30,
LicoRich is the ultimate patent for the prevention of atherosclerosis and diabetes
(* Suitable for the prevention of diseases and prevent - helps blood flow and leaving the arteries clean).

If I already have damages, can LicoRich patent help me?

Obviously! it's never too late. The antioxidant found in LicoRich patent will begin to clean your blood and blocked arteries if there is.
It is important to emphasize that the long-term treatment is not "Zbang and we are done."

Should I expect a drastic reduction of diabetes?

It is important to understand there is a difference between the morning test and the A1C test that you do every 3 months,
In order to test the average sugar in 3 months. (Numbers ranging from 4 to 12).
We are here for the marathon and not for Sprint,
When you use LicoRich regularly and in the long term, you will see a decrease in A1C,
Every drop, even the smallest one, should make you happy and understand that you are on the right path.
The morning test with the needle directly is influenced by your food - and this must not be forgotten!
It is important to maintain proper nutrition! And you get our personal escort for free!

How long does it take?

According to thousands of testimonies of people who consume LicoRich regularly,
The effect is individual,
Varies from week to month, month and a half - we are here for long-term treatment (:

When does the shipment arrive?

All shipments are sent by Israel Post.
Registered mail delivery - between 3-7 business days.
Delivery to home - 2 business days.

Is this the LicoRich patent? And what is the difference between LicoRich and others?

Yes! Obviously! 10 years in the market - the only one who has undergone scientific and clinical studies -
Was tested in the "Tami" laboratory and was found to be the most active substance in relation to the world market.
Note the patent numbers on the back of the bottle.
Patent No 'in the US: US7572470B2 Patent No' in Europe: EP-1190717A2
The individual who has been extracted from alcohol in order to extract the active ingredient (* does not contain alcohol).
At the Tammy laboratory, the highest percentage of glabredin was found. (* This is the active ingredient in the capsule, the antioxidant).

Is there a warranty?

Yes, if you have given us a CIMT test before you start to use LicoRich patent -
And the client consumed for 12 months and there was no withdrawal of the sting or stopping it.
The Company undertakes to return the full amount to the customer.

Can we talk to a person to consult and ask questions? Divide your payment? Receive shipping to your home?

Of course, call now one of the following numbers: 058-332-4405 or 058-331-8019 (:
We will be happy to help you with any question and advice - whoever does good and gets good 😉😎😜

How many capsules do you take a day?

Each person take 2 a day, if you are active during the day take 2 am before eating
And if not so active during the day,
Take 1 capsule in the morning before eating and another 1 capsule before lunchtime.
* Important - the person who uses a blood thinner pill called Flavix
Take only 1 capsule a day before eating in the morning.





The information is not a recommendation or indication of medical treatment. In case of a medical problem, consult your physician. The use of the questionnaire and the information is given to the public and its use is at your own risk. All rights reserved. Your privacy is guaranteed.

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