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Explanation of the studies carried out in the development of LicoRich


By: LicoRich



The root of the Licorice Glycyrrhiza glabra has a long history of using cultures throughout the world that also includes the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Chinese and Hindus.

It is grown in Central Europe but is especially prevalent in Russia, Persia and India. It is widely used in Licorice as a special flavor and fragrance according to sweetness, but it is also possible to cough and strengthen the body. LicoRich (TM) is produced exclusively from the Licorice plant through a special alcohol extraction process Which has been patented in Europe, the United States and Israel.

The studies of laboratory animals and human clinical studies conducted by Prof. Miki Aviram of the Lipid Laboratories of the Technion Medical School and the research of Prof. Eli Carmeli of the Tel Aviv University School of Medicine determined the efficacy of LicoRich as a strong anti-oxidant, lowering cholesterol levels in the body and lowering excess levels of stress blood.

A few words of how the cartilage process is formed in a body that gradually blocks the blood vessels in our body and may cause Heart disease, stroke, and vascular occlusions elsewhere in the body:

When we have high levels of cholesterol in the body, especially the bad type, the LDL, in part, and especially its oxidized part hits the walls of the blood vessels and penetrates into them. The oxidized LDL tries to digest white cells (macrophages) located in the walls of the blood vessels. These cells ingest the oxidized LDL, thus initiating a chain process of plaque development that slowly develops and clogs the vascular wall. A large number of studies have shown that the use of anti-oxidants inhibits the development of plaque.


The main way in which the thickness of the plaque is reduced is to reduce the levels of oxidized LDL. LicoRich, for example, is one of the strongest anti-oxidants available, reducing by about 55% the levels of oxidized LDL in the blood, thus contributing significantly to the cleanliness of the blood vessels.

Within the Licorice root, the active ingredient that makes such a phenomenon is called galberidine. An interesting experiment conducted by Prof. Aviram with the root of Licorice: He gave genetically engineered mice with a severe tendency to develop vascular sclerosis with LicoRich in their drinking water.


He compared two groups: a group that drank water with LicoRich and the group drank regular water. The group that drank the LicoRich did not develop atherosclerosis and early death compared to the group who drank regular water. In the studies carried out on the subjects who took the following findings were found:

1) LicoRich TM raised blood resistance to oxidation by 19%

2) LicoRich TM lowered the oxidized LDL (bad cholesterol) by 55%.

3) LicoRich TM lowered blood pressure levels by 10%.

4) LicoRich TM lowered total LDL cholesterol by 9%.

5) LicoRich TM lowered oxidative stress levels by 20%.

In conclusion: LicoRich TM is an excellent preparation for the treatment of LDL (bad cholesterol) and as a result in reducing atherosclerosis. It is also an excellent preparation for lowering blood pressure.


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